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Custom PowerShell prompt for Cmder on Windows

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Custom prompt (and other configurations) for PowerShell in Cmder.



Store aliases in profile.d folder. To easily manage aliases, create each alias in its own file with extension .alias.ps1.
To store a private alias that you don't want to include in the repo, create it with extensions .private.alias.ps1.

There's a special alias for quickly jumping to favorite folders: goToFolder.alias.ps1.
Favorite folders are listed in the file goToFolder.config under profile.d.
This file is a comma-separated file that lists an alias to a folder along with its target.
For example: c sends me to ~\Code.
To use this command, I can simply type g c to go to ~\Code.

To add additional folder aliases, simply add additional entries in the goToFolder.config folder.
See profile.d\goToFolder.config.example for example.

Setting up files in Cmder config folder

It's better to store the files of this repo in its own folder so that it can be updated easily without messing up other files.
However, user profiles files must be reside in %CMDER%\config folder. We can use symlinks to get around that.

Create symlink to user-profile.ps1

new-item -path c:\bin\cmder\config\user-profile.ps1 -itemtype symboliclink -value <path to repo folder>\cmder-powershell-powerline-prompt\user-profile.ps1

Create symlink to profile.d folder

new-item -path c:\bin\cmder\config\profile.d -itemtype symboliclink -value <path to repo folder>\cmder-powershell-powerline-prompt\profile.d

Status & Contribution

I published this code because it's not nice to keep it to myself. I fix problems that I encounter, and try to fix problems that others encounter if I have time.
This code is provided with the timeless Works on my Machine gurentee.
You can also check out the pull requests page for contributions that didn't make back into this repo. These are fixes to problems I didn't encounter, or features not useful to me, but maybe useful to you.

People are very kind and contribute back fixes and improvements.
This section is to acknowledage their contributions and thank them. If you find their contributions helpful to you, please take the time to thank them directly.

I'd like to thank all who share their code with everyone for their time and effort.

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