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A dynamic DNS script (written in PHP) that uses CloudFlare's free DNS and their API to set up a dynamic DNS record pointing to your server.

How To Use

git clone
cd cloudflare-ddns
cp config.php.skel config.php
### Edit config.php - enter your CloudFlare credentials and domain details

If everything works, put it in your crontab.

0 * * * * /path/to/cloudflare-ddns/ddns.php -s

Extra feature: API mode

If you want, you can put this script on a web server and use the "dynamic DNS" option of your router to trigger the IP update.

To do this, first enable API mode by setting an auth_token value in your config.

Then, configure your router to call the script like this:


Uncopyrighted. Do whatever you want. I hope this code makes you rich. Spiritually.


For an even simpler version written in Bash, see this gist.


Use php-cs-fixer like php-cs-fixer fix ddns.php --rules=@PSR2 to enforce code style.

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