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iOS\iPadOS 14.3 kernel LPE for all devices by @ModernPwner. Please follow us on twitter :)

Current state

  • Exploit works :)
  • Need a lot of cleanup + more stable primitives that not relaying on memory reallocation. Use it on your own risk
  • Exploit will take more then 2 minutes because we can't understand how to properly bypass one stupid sanity check in kernel on "Stage 3: Convert uaf into pktopts uaf" (we'll fix it soon)
  • Reliability is amazing on our A13 and A10 devices

The vuln

CVE-2021-1782: A race condition in user_data_get_value() leading to ivac entry uaf. This issue has been actively exploited in the wild with the WebKit exploit. We might release this RCE chain in the future.



How to build it

We don't like to commit Xcode project file. Create your own XCode project, add files and call "cicuta_virosa" function.


  • Some utils (exploit_utilities.c): @Jakeashacks
  • Vuln: Apple


If you want to use it in your project under GPL not-compatible license - please DM us to get permissions.
We give permissions to @CStar_OW to use and modify the exploit for Odyssey - the best jailbreak :).
But we hope that all modifications will be open sourced.

PAC bypass

For the moment we have a brand new technique to bypass PAC but we decided to not include such critical stuff here.
Maybe we'll post a PAC bypass along with the iOS 14.5 exploit. This is in progress, we may publish 14.5 exploit after Apple patch.

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