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1 year ago


  1. Ignore private types
  2. Fix the problem that caused a crash when importing uri to distinguish between JIT and AOT
  3. Add one type and multiple extension methods


1 year ago


  1. When the modification exceeds the type size, add a hint of the class and file path to let them know how to modify the configuration
  2. Fix the problem that the compiler crashes when the generic function converts the type
  3. Fix the crash caused by empty mixin or class
  4. Increase the crash caused by the inability to inherit the JIT generic
  5. Fix the infinite loop caused by parsing function parameters (refactoring may be required)


1 year ago


  1. Fix the problem that the int literal is too large and the compiler crashes
  2. Add analytic point attribute annotation
  3. Delete the compulsory update of the compiler and change it to manual update
  4. Compress the files generated by the compilation


1 year ago

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1 year ago


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1 year ago

2021-8-31 19:29:40

Update the compiler