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Enables distributed simulation with Unreal Engine's dedicated servers. 为虚幻引擎专用服务器提供分布式模拟能力的开源插件.

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ChanneldUE Plugin

The open source plugin that enables distributed simulation with Unreal Engine's dedicated servers.



  • Increase the maximum capacity of a single UE dedicated server to 100-200 players without modifying the engine code.
  • Can combine multiple dedicated servers into one large world, supporting thousands of players online concurrently.
  • Support a variety of application scenarios, including seamless large worlds, as well as traditional multi-room architecture and relay server architecture.
  • Out-of-the-box synchronization solution that seamlessly integrates with the native UE's networking framework.
  • Agile and extensible client interest management mechanism.
  • Support cross-server interaction (currently only support cross-server RPC; cross-server for Physics, AI, GAS and other systems requires additional integration).
  • Cloud-based dynamic load balancing can greatly save server costs (under development).
  • Support one-click cloud deployment.


  • 无需修改引擎代码,便可将单个UE专用服务器的最大承载人数提升到100-200人
  • 可以将多个UE专用服务器组合成一个大世界,支持上千玩家同时在线
  • 支持多种应用场景,包括无缝大世界,以及传统的多房间架构和中转服务器架构
  • 开箱即用的同步方案,与原生UE的开发方式无缝集成
  • 灵活且可扩展的客户端兴趣管理机制
  • 支持跨服交互(目前仅支持跨服RPC;物理、AI、GAS等系统的跨服需要额外集成)
  • 基于云计算的动态负载均衡能够极大节省服务器成本(开发中)
  • 支持一键上云

ChanneldUE Example Project

Code repo of channeld, the Gateway Service behind ChanneldUE






License and Disclaimer

  • ChanneldUE plugin is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, see LICENSE for details.
  • ChanneldUE plugin and channeld gateway service are free to use for any purpose, including commercial use.
  • The user is responsible for all risks when using this plugin and channeld gateway service.
  • We (Metaworking) provide basic technical support in the form of GitHub Issues and Discussions, but do not guarantee to solve all problems in time.
  • Contact us: [email protected]


  • ChanneldUE插件使用Apache 2.0许可证,详情请参考LICENSE文件。
  • ChanneldUE插件及channeld网关服务的代码供所有人免费使用,可以用于任何目的,包括商业用途。
  • 使用者在使用本插件及channeld网关服务时,应自行承担所有风险。
  • 我们以GitHub IssuesDiscussions的形式提供基本的技术支持,但不保证能够及时解决所有问题。
  • 联系开发者:
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