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Basic Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) schemes implemented in FORTRAN using Finite-Volume and Finite-Difference Methods. Sample simulations and figures are provided.

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Codes for Computational Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer

Basic CFD schemes and examples implemented in FORTRAN. The codes are for educational purpose only. Figures of sample results are provided.


Finite Volume Method

Backward Step Flow 2D

Stagnation Point Flow 2D

  1. Steady
  2. Unsteady

Convection in Diagonal Direction 2D

Lid Driven Cavity Flow 2D

Buoyancy Driven Cavity Flow 2D

Conduction in Hollow Cylinder 2D

Finite Difference Method

Advection-Diffusion 1D

  1. Forward in Time Advection
  2. Lax Method
  3. Convection-Diffusion
  4. Advection-Diffusion 2

Burgers Equation 1D

  1. Non-viscous Lax Wendroff Method

Wave Equation 1D

Heat Conduction 2D

  1. Steady Heat Conduction 1D
  2. Transient Heat Conduction 2D
  3. Explicit in Time
  4. Implicit in Time

Lid Driven Cavity Flow 2D

  1. Explicit in Time
  2. Implicit in Time


Ruipengyu (Brandon) Li

Email: [email protected]

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