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I/O interface and utilities for CCSDS binary spacecraft data in Python. Library used in flight missions at NASA, NOAA, and SWRI

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CCSDSPy - IO Interface for Reading CCSDS Data in Python.

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This community-developed package provides a Python interface for reading tightly packed bits in the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) <>__ format used by many NASA and ESA missions. The library is developed with requirements sourced from the community and extensive automated testing.


To install ccsdspy

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pip install ccsdspy

Usage Example

The following example shows how simple it is to read in fixed length CCSDS packets.

.. code-block:: python

import ccsdspy from ccsdspy import PacketField, PacketArray

pkt = ccsdspy.FixedLength([ PacketField(name='SHCOARSE', data_type='uint', bit_length=32), PacketField(name='SHFINE', data_type='uint', bit_length=20), PacketField(name='OPMODE', data_type='uint', bit_length=3), PacketField(name='SPACER', data_type='fill', bit_length=1), PacketField(name='VOLTAGE', data_type='int', bit_length=8), PacketArray( name='SENSOR_GRID', data_type='uint', bit_length=16, array_shape=(32, 32), array_order='C' ), ])

result = pkt.load('mypackets.bin')


Our documentation is hosted on readthedocs and can be found here <>__.

Getting Help

For more information or to ask questions about the library or CCSDS data in general, check out the CCSDSPy Discussion Board <>__ hosted through GitHub.

Acknowledging or Citing ccsdspy

If you use ccsdspy, it would be appreciated if you let us know and mention it in your publications. The continued growth and development of this package is dependent on the community being aware of it.

Code of Conduct

When interacting with this package please behave consistent with the following Code of Conduct <>__.

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