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tinyhttpd 是一个简易的 http 服务器,支持CGI。代码量少,非常容易阅读,十分适合网络编程初学者学习的项目。 麻雀虽小,五脏俱全。在tinyhttpd中可以学到 linux 上进程的创建,管道的使用。linux 下 socket 编程基本方法和http 协议的最基本结构。 在学习过程中本人结合了《The linux programming interface》这本书在代码中做了详细的注释。如果对某些函数不熟悉或未曾见过的话,阅读本注释版是一个提高学习效率很好途径。 注释版只对部分重要的代码做注释,其余一切都保留下来,并未做任何的修改,包括源代码的缩进 :)

example 文件夹不属于原项目,是本人写的简单示例代码

以下内容为原来 tinyhttpd 的 README 原版内容。

This software is copyright 1999 by J. David Blackstone. Permission is granted to redistribute and modify this software under the terms of the GNU General Public License, available at .

If you use this software or examine the code, I would appreciate knowing and would be overjoyed to hear about it at [email protected] .

This software is not production quality. It comes with no warranty of any kind, not even an implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. I am not responsible for the damage that will likely result if you use this software on your computer system.

I wrote this webserver for an assignment in my networking class in 1999. We were told that at a bare minimum the server had to serve pages, and told that we would get extra credit for doing "extras." Perl had introduced me to a whole lot of UNIX functionality (I learned sockets and fork from Perl!), and O'Reilly's lion book on UNIX system calls plus O'Reilly's books on CGI and writing web clients in Perl got me thinking and I realized I could make my webserver support CGI with little trouble.

Now, if you're a member of the Apache core group, you might not be impressed. But my professor was blown over. Try the color.cgi sample script and type in "chartreuse." Made me seem smarter than I am, at any rate. :)

Apache it's not. But I do hope that this program is a good educational tool for those interested in http/socket programming, as well as UNIX system calls. (There's some textbook uses of pipes, environment variables, forks, and so on.)

One last thing: if you look at my webserver or (are you out of mind?!?) use it, I would just be overjoyed to hear about it. Please email me. I probably won't really be releasing major updates, but if I help you learn something, I'd love to know!

Happy hacking!

                               J. David Blackstone
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