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🌴 Soothing pastel theme for Alacritty

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Catppuccin for Alacritty


🌻 Latte
🪴 Frappé
🌺 Macchiato
🌿 Mocha


Please see the yaml tag if you need the config in YAML format.

  1. Copy the theme files next to your alacritty.toml configuration file. See Alacritty's README to see where your config file can be stored, it is usually stored at ~/.config/alacritty/alacritty.toml

    • Latte

      curl -LO --output-dir ~/.config/alacritty
    • Frappé

      curl -LO --output-dir ~/.config/alacritty
    • Macchiato

      curl -LO --output-dir ~/.config/alacritty
    • Mocha

      curl -LO --output-dir ~/.config/alacritty
  2. Import the desired flavour config in your alacritty.toml:

    import = [
      # uncomment the flavour you want below:
      # "~/.config/alacritty/catppuccin-frappe.toml"
      # "~/.config/alacritty/catppuccin-macchiato.toml"
      # "~/.config/alacritty/catppuccin-mocha.toml"


  • Q: "My colours don't look the same as the previews. What do I do?"
    A: Make sure you have the following set in alacritty.toml:

    TERM = "xterm-256color"
  • Q: "What font have you used in the screenshots above?"
    A: Iosevka Term

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