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Some SWE/PM/Designer related career resources for students

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Some SWE/PM/Designer related career resources for students


The Job Search

Things that May Help

Apply everywhere challange A list of internships/full time jobs that you can apply to

The 2018 Wealthfront career launching companies list A list of US based private mid-sized companies that have a revenue run rate of between $20M and $300M, be on a trajectory to grow at a rate in excess of 50% for at least the next three or four years and have compelling unit economics.

Career Fair Events

Greylock Techfair Greylock is a very successful VC firm (they invested in Facebook, Airbnb, Linkedin). They organize a career fair every summer in SF and you need to apply and get accepted to be there. Companies like Airbnb, Pinterest, Quora, etc. will come. They share your resumes with the companies before the event so you don't have to bring a resume, but I still strongly recommend you show up in person.

Start @ a Startup This is held by Sequoia, another very successful VC firm (they invested in Airbnb, PayPal, Github, YouTube). You also need to apply and get accepted for this one. It is a 2-day event in NY during October, and companies that come are usually in an earlier stage than those in the Greylock event. Lots of onsite interviews happen there.

Grace Hopper Conference This happens later than the last two, but if your school doesn't sponsor you to go then you need to buy the ticket somewhere in July and it's non-refundable. The tickets are sold out super fast. A list of GHC scholarships and their deadlines:

Intern Supply A ton of software/design intern application portals in one place.

JPMorgan Chase's Code for Good A two-day hackathon organized by Chase. If you go you might get a job offer from them without interview.


This basically means you apply, and if you get accepted you'll get to work at cool startups/companies, get mentorship, go to some networking events, etc.

CS Internships for Freshmen and Sophomores

Note: The internships in this section are specifically open for Freshmen and/or Sophomores. Internships for all students are not listed here.

Research and Academic Internship Programs Around the World

Here is a list of them and their deadlines, countries, etc.

Startup Jobs

Companies that have Data Science Internships

Things that May Help

Step-by-step Guides to Jobs

Handling Rejection

Persistence and hard work can make the difference. And keep in mind that rejections are part of life and not a disgrace. I know it's hard to believe sometimes, so take a look at this: Keep fighting :)

Interview Preparation


A list of hackathons in North America:


FB Groups:

This response form is collected through the cscareerquestions subreddit's salary survey. It contains salary info of people across all experience levels around the world.


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