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This plugin is used to make video calls using Jitsi video platform ( on iOS and Android using Ionic Capacitor.

Project README

Jitsi Meet Capacitor Plugin for Ionic Apps

This Ionic Capacitor plugin is created to make video calls through the free, open-sourced Jitsi video platform ( on iOS and Android.

Compatibility to Capacitor Versions

Capacitor capacitor-jitsi-meet supported
v4 >= 3.0.0 current
v3 until Dec 31, 2022
v2 until Sept 30, 2021
v1 until June 30, 2020

Follow the official Capacitor doc to upgrade to Capacitor 4.

iOS Compatible Versions

See the plugin changelog for plugin versions that are compatible to your local Xcode version.

Embedding in web applications

This plugin does not currently support web implementation. We recommend using the Jitsi iFrame API ( for full web implementation.


  1. npm install capacitor-jitsi-meet

  2. use it as a Capacitor Plugin

// On Capacitor 3 and 4
import { Jitsi } from 'capacitor-jitsi-meet';

// On Capacitor 1 and 2
import { Plugins } from '@capacitor/core';
import 'capacitor-jitsi-meet';
const { Jitsi } = Plugins;
const result = await Jitsi.joinConference({
    // required parameters
    roomName: 'room1', // room identifier for the conference
    url: '', // endpoint of the Jitsi Meet video bridge

    // recommended settings for production build. see full list of featureFlags in the official Jitsi Meet SDK documentation
    featureFlags: {
        'prejoinpage.enabled': false, // go straight to the meeting and do not show the pre-join page
        'recording.enabled': false, // disable as it requires Dropbox integration
        'live-streaming.enabled': false, // 'sign in on Google' button not yet functional
        'android.screensharing.enabled': false, // experimental feature, not fully production ready

    // optional parameters
    subject: string, // name of the video room
    displayName: string, // user's display name
    email: string, // user's email
    avatarURL: string, // user's avatar url
    startWithAudioMuted: true, // start with audio muted, default: false
    startWithVideoMuted: false, // start with video muted, default: false
    chatEnabled: false, // enable Chat feature, default: true
    inviteEnabled: false, // enable Invitation feature, default: true
    // advanced parameters (optional)
    token: string, // jwt authentication token
    configOverrides: { 'p2p.enabled': false }, // see list of config overrides in the official Jitsi Meet SDK documentation
console.log(result) // { success: true }

window.addEventListener('onConferenceJoined', () => {
    // do things here
window.addEventListener('onConferenceTerminated', () => {
    // do things here
window.addEventListener('onConferenceLeft', () => {
    // do things here

const result = await Jitsi.leaveConference()
console.log(result) // { success: true }
  1. Build the project
$ npm run build
  1. Follow the deployment instructions for Android and iOS.

Official Jitsi-Meet SDK Documentation

This plugin uses the Jitsi Meet SDK. See the Jitsi Meet SDK documentation, and the lists of feature flags and config overrides.

Sample React App for Android

You can see a React Demo App which runs the Jitsi meeting on the Android device

Feature Requests, Jitsi SDK UI Customizations, Picture-In-Picture Mode Implementation

For feature requests, create an issue with a label 'feature request'. I also offer paid consultation services, such as SDK UI customization, and helping you implement the Picture-in-Picture mode of the video view. To submit a request, create an issue and add the label 'sdk customization' or 'pip implementation'.


This plugin enables web and mobile apps to implement video conferencing feature for free. The Jitsi Meet mobile SDKs are actively maintained by Jitsi. Video bridges for multi-user video conferencing is powered by Jitsi Meet, or you can run your own video bridge.

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