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Open source app to connect with popular action cameras, replacing your vendor's closed source app system.

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Action Cam Control App for Android


Open source vendor agnostic client application to interface with most popular sports cameras (eg: GoPro, Yi, SJCam, etc...).


Downloads will be hosted on F-Droid and the GitHub releases page.

Google Play releases will also be uploaded.


  • Open source and login-free
  • Virtually permissionless
  • Support most action cameras
  • Have all the features from the vendor's client
  • Run without Google Play Services

Mockup of the app UI:

Disclaimer: Not a designer.

Works with:


  • Xiaomi Yi
  • Insta 360 One X
  • DJI Action Cameras
  • Sony Action Cameras
  • SJcam
  • Other ChinaPro to be added


The app must at least have the following features regardless of camera used:

  • Preview live stream
  • Control basic features eg: record, take picture, change modes, turn on or off
  • Get camera status messages
  • Get videos and photos off memory
  • Camera detection


I maintain the GoPro Wifi API and I will be doing the GoPro support, if you want to add support for your action camera:

  • See the /camera/goproAPI folder, this is what provides the app with instructions and assets on how to connect to a GoPro camera, add a new folder inside /camera/ named camera nameAPI, inside you'll need to place the following files:
    • Camera.kt:
      • Details about the camera(s) itself:
        • model_name array,
        • ip_address as a string,
        • baseURL, statusURL,
        • settingsURL,
        • commandURL as string (with :port if needed),
        • connectionMsg array as string (this is to check if the camera is connected, first item should be a URL and second item should be a string),
        • info array with information from the vendor (eg: vendor name, vendor country, vendor website)
    • Constants.kt:
      • Host your commands in this file, I tend to follow a Video/Photo/MultiShot/Setup/Command structure which is easy to understand and use. Other cameras are different but try to stick to that structure.
    • Live.kt:
      • This should have a function called getStream that returns a Uri or a Video that ExoPlayer can play.
    • Media.kt:
      • Many cameras have a media front end in their IP addresses with port 8080, you'll need the URL the vendor app uses, for GoPro for instance its a JSON. It should have a mediaURL Uri and a function called getMedia() which returns an array with the URLs of the photos and videos.
    • Status.kt:
      • Should be a list of Strings or integers with an appropriate Status name.

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