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Most feature-packed Bullethell Engine. All in 1 plugin for Godot 3 & 4.

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Dark Peace's BulletUpHell


BulletUpHell is the most feature-packed BulletHell Engine in the world. It's a plugin for Godot 3 and 4 that I made over 2 years during my computer science degree. Version 4 is the one recommended, with more features and maintained.

As a BulletHell dev myself, my aim is to create a plugin able to recreate ALL the attack patterns present in your favorite bullethell games. For that, I researched all of the attacks in games like Enter the Gungeon and Binding of Isaac and implemented the necessary features to recreate them all with easiness of use and flexibility in mind. You'll have all the tools you need to make a BulletHell game. It takes care of everything related to bullet spawning : patterns, bullet properties, event triggering,... Features include complex bullet movement (from math equations to custom drawn paths), advanced homing features, built-in animation and sound manager, ability to randomise everything, laser beams, and much more !

You want even more than the best Bullethell engine ? Then go for the improved version : BulletUpHell BLAST. Many exclusive features, more updates, improved API, improved optimisation,... The list of exclusive stuff can be seen here : https://rebrand.ly/BulletUpHell-BLAST.

Here is the official trailer : https://youtu.be/L9ztZr9Ku2Q

Tutorial, installation steps and documentation below the screenshots. (lags on the gif comes from the recorder, not the plugin XD)

Godot_v4 0-stable_win64_kKgJZaEScg Godot_v4 0-stable_win64_9tcJjfETCc Godot_v4 0-stable_win64_5Dstv76K6b Godot_v4 0-stable_win64_LJrtOJvI9x Godot_v4 0-stable_win64_O3nX5Jenfm Godot_v4 0-stable_win64_xVip6jiYaZ

Installation & Usage

Video tutorial to get started : tuto

For the installation and the documentation of all my plugins, check this : https://rebrand.ly/Dark-Peace-Godot-Plugins

I'll also post complete tutorials on my Youtube channel when I'll have the time so consider subscribing to not miss any news ! My youtube channel For any question or request, join my Discord

The plugin has custom nodes and a bunch of resources you can use to create all the complex attack patterns without coding (but some things are just much more easier to do by code, I didn't make it with the goal that someone who doesn't know how to code could use it). Just drag and drop them in your scene, fill up the properties you want and watch as the magic happens. The focus of this plugin is implementing the greatest range of features while keeping it as easy to use as possible. I optimised it as much as I could but if you're looking for 2000+ bullets on screen (why would you even-) then you need a more optimised plugin which is gonna have far less features. If you need up to 2000 bullets that's fine but I recommend not going above 1500 for the sake of your players who have a potatoe laptop.

You want even more than the best Bullethell engine ? Then go for the improved version : [BulletUpHell BLAST]. More features, more updates, improved API, improved optimisation,...



  • Q: Will there be new features in the future ? A: Yes. But the V4.3 is the final free version. The next update will be part of the premium BLAST version.

  • Q: Are the versions compatible ? A: If you're satisfied with the features of your old version, there is no reason to update. I try to make my versions as compatible as possible but always back up your project before updating.

  • Q: Can I make updates to the plugin ? A: Sure, but please tell me about it. Also any feature idea is welcomed.

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