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🍿 The all-in-one alternative for Sonarr, Radarr, Jackett... with a VPN and running in docker

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🍿 Bobarr

The all-in-one alternative for Sonarr, Radarr, Jackett... with a VPN and running in docker

Bobarr is a movies and tv shows collection manager for BitTorrent users. It uses to search movies and tv shows to add to your library. Then it searches into your favorites torrent trackers the best match and downloads it for you through a VPN.


This is a beta release!

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Why ?

One of the main idea for bobarr is to be simple to setup, simple to use and having everything at the same place. You don't have to choose a torrent client, to setup a VPN, to setup radarr, sonarr, then jackett and connect them all together.

It's also built from scratch and it will try to solve long term problem like download multiple qualities and keep them or managing tv shows and movies at the same place. You can follow the roadmap to check what next features are implemented.

And to have something with a better UI, less configuration and faster 🚀




Run the installation script and follow the instructions:

  • curl -o- | bash


  • Update your config in .env
  • Open docker-compose.yml and look for - ./library:/usr/library
  • Update ./library to the folder where your (/movies & /tvshows) are

As example, having:

|- movies/
|- tvshows/

The line should be: - /mnt/storage:/usr/library

How to start

There are two way to start bobarr stack, first without VPN:

If you want to enforce all torrent traffic through a VPN:


  • Copy your open vpn config file (.ovpn) into the folder packages/vpn name it vpn.conf
  • $ ./ start:vpn


  • Copy your wireguard config file (wg0.conf) into the folder packages/vpn
  • $ ./ start:wireguard


Torrent account

Bobarr configuration

  • Go to http://localhost:3000/settings
  • Set your region and language according to your torrent tracker
  • Create and order your preferred tags found in torrent file (ex: vost, multi, english...)
  • Order your preferred qualities to download


  • After configuration, go to http://localhost:3000/search and just start searching!
  • The files will be downloaded into library/downloads
  • The files will be moved/copied/simlinked (you can set this in settings) and organized into library/tvshows or library/movies

The only requirement is to have a folder tvshows and a folder movies then bobarr can catch up and download to your user defined library folder.

If your movies or tvshow folder have a different name, you can edit .env file with your folder names:


You can now head to http://localhost:3000 and hit that "Scan library folder" button.

How to stop

You can stop the whole bobarr stack with:

  • $ ./ stop

How to update

Check the CHANGELOG and update your .env if needed with new variables added.

  • $ ./ update
  • $ ./ start



Clone the repository and then you can run bobarr API and Web UI in dev watch mode and display logs with:

  • $ yarn dev
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