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ActionScript (AS3) library for processing binary data. This library contains MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2 ( SHA-224 и SHA-256 ), Base64, CRC32 algorithms, JSON encoder & decoder as well as PNG and JPEG encoders.


8 years ago
  • #49 Bug fixed SHA-2 async
  • JSON is marked as deprecated. Use JSONer.


8 years ago


8 years ago
  • #49 Bug fixed SHA-2 async
  • Optimized swc & swf size


8 years ago
  • Individual Worker for each class
    • Parallel execution of multiple processes
    • Reduction the target file size
  • Now the process start a Worker, only when it is needed, rather than at the time of the class initialization
  • If the process is not used for a long time, it stops a Worker
  • Added Worker support for Base64


8 years ago

The new version can work in asynchronous mode. Worker is used, if the version of the player is higher than 11.4.

import by.blooddy.crypto.MD5;

var md5:MD5 = new MD5();
md5.hash( 'text' );
md5.addEventListener( ProcessEvent.COMPLETE, function(event:ProcessEvent):void {
    trace( ); // async result
} );
md5.addEventListener( ProcessEvent.ERROR, function(event:ProcessEvent):void {
    trace( ); // async error
} );


8 years ago

The code has been completely rewritten for the compiler ASC2.0

  • Fixed several bugs that were found in the process.
  • Library automatically detects and uses native Flash Player methods JSON, PNG and JPEG
  • Now build the library does not require special means