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zine/book about bitmap drawing algorithms and math with code examples in Rust

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A Bitmapper's Companion - zine/book about bitmap drawing algorithms and math with code examples in Rust

A small zine/book written in LaTeX. In progress. See Building section below for how to build.

View current PDF build here

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  1. Introduction
  • Data representation
  • Displaying pixels to your screen
  • Bits to byte pixels
  • Loading graphics files in Rust
  • Including xbm files in Rust
  1. Points And Lines
  • Distance between two points
  • Equations of a line
    • Line through a point 𝑃 = (π‘₯𝑝, 𝑦𝑝) and a slope π‘š
    • Line through two points
  • Distance from a point to a line
    • Using the implicit equation form
    • Using an 𝐿 defined by two points 𝑃1, 𝑃2
    • Using an 𝐿 defined by a point 𝑃𝑙 and angle Μ‚πœƒ
    • Find perpendicular to line that passes through given point
  • Angle between two lines
    • Intersection of two lines
    • Line equidistant from two points
    • Normal to a line through a point
  1. Points And Line Segments
  • Drawing a line segment from its two endpoints
  • Drawing line segments with width
  • Intersection of two line segments
    • Fast intersection of two line segments
  • Points, Lines and Circles
  • Equations of a circle
  • Bounding circle
  1. Curves other than circles
  • Parametric elliptical arcs
  • BΓ©zier curves
  1. Points, Lines and Shapes
  • Union, intersection and difference of polygons
  • Centroid of polygon
  • Polygon clipping
  • Triangle filling
  • Flood filling
  1. Vectors, matrices and transformations
  • Rotation of a bitmap
    • Fast 2D Rotation
  • 90Β° Rotation of a bitmap by parallel recursive subdivision
  • Magnification/Scaling
    • Smoothing enlarged bitmaps
    • Stretching lines of bitmaps
  • Mirroring
  • Shearing
    • The relationship between shearing factor and angle
  • Projections
  1. Addendum
  • Faster Drawing a line segment from its two endpoints using Sym- metry
  • Joining the ends of two wide line segments together
  • Composing monochrome bitmaps with separate alpha channel data
  • Orthogonal connection of two points
  • Join segments with round corners
  • Faster line clipping
  • Space-filling Curves
    • Hilbert curve
    • SierpiΕ„ski curve
    • Peano curve
    • Z-order curve
    • flowsnake curve
  • Dithering
    • Floyd-Steinberg
    • Atkinson dithering
  • Marching squares





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bezier interactive demo

Page spreadBezier interactive demo


Run make (might need to run it twice), output will be in the ./build directory.

To run the rust example binaries, first you can inspect them with ls ./src/bin/, for example:

$ ls ./src/bin

Then execute one with cargo run --bin for example cargo run --bin atkinsondither.

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