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:bookmark_tabs: A Creative Word Processor.

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A Creative Word Processor.


  • ✅ Entity-Model Editor
  • ✅ PDF, DOCX, HTML, EPUB and TXT Generator
  • ✅ Full Customization
  • ✅ Mobile & Desktop (PWA)
  • ✅ Offline First
  • ✅ Cloud Save (Void)
  • ✅ Local Extension (.bw)
  • ✅ Multipurpose
  • ✅ High Tracking
  • ✅ Statistics in Real-Time
  • ✅ Graph Control
  • ✅ Plugin Friendly
  • ✅ Realtime Collaboration

An Editor for Creative Writing

Unlike traditional word processors, betterwrite focuses on producing an out-of-the-curve experience for writers and writing derivatives, bringing with it several additional tools to increase the flow of use.

  • Full Customization: The editor is fully customizable with the main focus on emphasizing the writer's creativity and adapting all the context at his disposal. In addition to standard themes, betterwrite allows for custom backgrounds (including gifs) and the use of external fonts within the editor itself.

  • Void is a cloud save feature aiming to be more user friendly and easy to access among other projects saved in the void. Its structure was planned not to interfere with local saves (local storage or extension).

  • Annotations have a different editor, powered by Milkdown, offering a more instantaneous and familiar option than the main editor, fulfilling its main purpose: annotating. Annotations do not participate in the document production flow and serve as an aid to the writer.

  • Characters is a system for identifying specific words and offering some control over them, highlighting the paragraph with colors and their occurrence in the project. This system mainly allows fantasy or drama writers to have greater control of their paragraphs and handle character arcs with perfection.

  • Statistics are calculated in real time, bringing relevant information about each chapter and possible points of improvement.

  • Drafts allow you to control each chapter individually and make it possible to create alternatives for the same text, making it easier for the user if he needs to explore other alternatives for his book.

  • Corrector serves to fix small details that can go unnoticed by a writer, facilitating the work of proofreading.

  • Insert Shortcuts is a different tool that creates shortcuts to insert repetitive texts (such as dialog openings or names of characters or locations).

  • Voice Typing is enabled on paragraphs and other types of text blocks, enabling a new way to build worlds and universes.

  • Substitutions it offers the replacement of words at generation time, also allowing the insertion of italics or bold.

  • Comments: Want to remember something specific to change in the future? Insert a comment in an entity and consult it whenever you want by clicking on the sidebar or the comment button.

  • Individual Styling: Using the brush icon on each paragraph entity, choose styles only for the designated group of paragraphs, overriding the ones chosen in the generator's default configuration tab.

  • Configuration Portability: Export or import specific configurations and use them in other similar projects.

  • Project Types: Besides the creative mode, the common mode is available for the production of simple documents and the annotations-only mode for day-to-day tasks and other TODO's.

100% Client-Side

By default, the editor always tends to maintain compatibility in offline mode, allowing users to continue their work without having their workflow interfered. This is possible thanks to the 100% Client-Side concept, where all the logic and use by the user is on the client-side, where the role of authentication and saving in the cloud (void) does not depend on the project, and vice versa.


The idea of ​​generators is simple: do whatever you need to, but only worry about your document at the end of the project. The styling of the editors (and the blocks) does not interfere with the generations as they are not based on HTML rendering, which allows the project to respect only the imposed settings.

Browser Polyfills

All generators were designed to work from the API's offered by browsers, not requiring serverless functions or external providers. Extra features like fonts and other utilities are built into the standard application flow (like some .ttf / typeface fonts).


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Blog Post

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