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A simple tool for labeling object bounding boxes in images

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A simple tool for labeling object bounding boxes in images, implemented with Python Tkinter.


  • 2017.5.21 Check out the multi-class branch for a multi-class version implemented by @jxgu1016

Screenshot: Label Tool

Data Organization

| # source code for the tool
|--Images/ # direcotry containing the images to be labeled
|--Labels/ # direcotry for the labeling results
|--Examples/ # direcotry for the example bboxes


  • python 2.7
  • python PIL (Pillow)


$ python


  1. The current tool requires that the images to be labeled reside in /Images/001, /Images/002, etc. You will need to modify the code if you want to label images elsewhere.
  2. Input a folder number (e.g, 1, 2, 5...), and click Load. The images in the folder, along with a few example results will be loaded.
  3. To create a new bounding box, left-click to select the first vertex. Moving the mouse to draw a rectangle, and left-click again to select the second vertex.
  • To cancel the bounding box while drawing, just press <Esc>.
  • To delete a existing bounding box, select it from the listbox, and click Delete.
  • To delete all existing bounding boxes in the image, simply click ClearAll.
  1. After finishing one image, click Next to advance. Likewise, click Prev to reverse. Or, input an image id and click Go to navigate to the speficied image.
  • Be sure to click Next after finishing a image, or the result won't be saved.
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