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Control the Mac Finder from the Terminal

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Bash Finder

Control the Finder from the Terminal


Changing directory in the Terminal opens the same directory in the Finder

Change the Finder window view from the Terminal (column, list, icon views)

Case insensitve, tab for menu completion, shift tab to expand bash aliases

Open a Terminal window to the current Finder window

Works with the Mac OSX Terminal and iTerm2


1 - Download the git repo to your desktop, and then move the contents to your home directory

git clone git:// ~/Desktop/bashfinder
mv .bash_aliases ~/.bash_aliases
mv .bash_macosx ~/.bash_macosx
mv .bash_profile ~/.bash_profile
mv .inputrc ~/.inputrc
mv .git ~/.git

If you already have a bash profile you can add the code from the project into your existing bash profile.

2 - Download and install Bash completion (Required)
Download: bash-completion

Change directory to the bash-completion directory
Move bash_completion to /etc/bash_completion, needs admin permissions

cd bash-completion
sudo mv bash_completion /etc/bash_completion

3 - Download and install Git completion bash (Optional)
Download: git-completion.bash

Move git-completion.bash to ~/.git-completion.bash

mv git-completion.bash ~/.git-completion.bash

4 - reload your .bash_profile, and then restart the Terminal

source ~/.bash_profile


Type cd and then a directory name
eg: cd Desktop, will change the Finder window to the Desktop


cdff will change the terminal directory to current directory open in the Finder


Change the Finder window to column view


Change the Finder window to list view


Change the Finder window to icon view


Press tab for menu completion


Expand bash aliases by pressing shift tab to show the aliased command, defined in .inputrc

shift tab
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