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An SMTP adapter for Bamboo.

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An adapter for the Bamboo email app.


The package can be installed as:

  1. Add bamboo_smtp to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

    def deps do
      [{:bamboo_smtp, "~> 4.1.0"}]
  2. Add :bamboo and :bamboo_smtp to your list of applications in mix.exs:

    def application do
      [applications: [:bamboo, :bamboo_smtp]]
  3. Setup your SMTP configuration:

    # In your config/config.exs file
    config :my_app, MyApp.Mailer,
      adapter: Bamboo.SMTPAdapter,
      server: "smtp.domain",
      hostname: "your.domain",
      port: 1025,
      username: "[email protected]", # or {:system, "SMTP_USERNAME"}
      password: "pa55word", # or {:system, "SMTP_PASSWORD"}
      tls: :if_available, # can be `:always` or `:never`
      allowed_tls_versions: [:"tlsv1", :"tlsv1.1", :"tlsv1.2"], # or {:system, "ALLOWED_TLS_VERSIONS"} w/ comma separated values (e.g. "tlsv1.1,tlsv1.2")
      tls_log_level: :error,
      tls_verify: :verify_peer, # optional, can be `:verify_peer` or `:verify_none`
      tls_cacertfile: "/somewhere/on/disk", # optional, path to the ca truststore
      tls_cacerts: "…", # optional, DER-encoded trusted certificates
      tls_depth: 3, # optional, tls certificate chain depth
      tls_verify_fun: {&:ssl_verify_hostname.verify_fun/3, check_hostname: ""}, # optional, tls verification function
      ssl: false, # can be `true`
      retries: 1,
      no_mx_lookups: false, # can be `true`
      auth: :if_available # can be `:always`. If your smtp relay requires authentication set it to `:always`.

    Sensitive credentials should not be committed to source control and are best kept in environment variables. Using {:system, "ENV_NAME"} configuration is read from the named environment variable at runtime.

    The hostname option sets the FQDN to the header of your emails, its optional, but if you don't set it, the underlying gen_smtp module will use the hostname of your machine, like localhost.

  4. Follow Bamboo Getting Started Guide

  5. Optional Set BambooSMTP.TestAdapter as your test adapter:

    # In your config/config.exs file
    if Mix.env() == :test do
      config :my_app, MyApp.Mailer, adapter: MyApp.SMTPTestAdapter


You can find more information about advanced features in the Wiki.

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You can see the specific CONTRIBUTING guide.


Bamboo SMTPAdapter is released under The MIT License (MIT).

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