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A curated list about OKR (Objective - Key Results)

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A curated list of resources about OKRs

OKR are the best practice of setting and communicating company, team and employee objectives and measuring their progress based on achieved results. It is used in several companies like Google, Netflix, Zynga, LinkedIn, Twitter and it make it easier to align all the employees around the company mission and vision.

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These are free ebooks and guides about OKRs.


These are interesting research papers connected to OKRs

  • The Determinants of Goal Commitment: The concept and measurement of commitment to goals, a key aspect of goal-setting theory, are discussed. The strength of the relationship between commitment and performance is asserted to depend on the amount of variance in commitment.
  • Goal Setting and Task Performance: 1969-1980: Goal setting is most likely to improve task performance when the goals are specific and sufficiently challenging, the subjects have sufficient ability (and ability differences are controlled), feedback is provided to show progress in relation to the goal, rewards such as money are given for goal attainment, the experimenter or manager is supportive, and assigned goals are accepted by the individual.


A list of word template for setting OKRs.

A list of excel templates for setting OKRs.


A list of examples about how to implement OKRs. Useful when you want to get start with OKRs. These are not real examples and I am not related with the companies below.


List of software for managing your OKRs. This list was made using this Product Hunt collection: PH Colletion

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