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A curated list of awesome things related to Flutter desktop.

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A curated list of awesome things related to Flutter desktop.

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  • anni_mpris_service - D-Bus MPRIS controls for Linux.
  • app_links - Android App Links, Deep Links, iOs Universal Links and Custom URL schemes handler for Flutter (desktop included).
  • arna - Arna is a set of widgets designed to be simple and easy to use for building applications with Flutter. (Live Preview)
  • audioplayers - A Flutter plugin to play multiple audio files simultaneously
  • auto_updater - This plugin allows Flutter desktop apps to automatically update themselves (based on sparkle and winsparkle).
  • battery_plus - Flutter plugin for accessing information about the battery state(full, charging, discharging).
  • biometric_storage - Secure Storage: Encrypted data store optionally secured by biometric lock with support for iOS, Android, MacOS. Partial support for Linux, Windows and web (localStorage).
  • bitsdojo_window - A package to help with creating custom windows with Flutter desktop (custom border, titlebar and minimize/maximize/close buttons) and common desktop window operations (show/hide/position on screen) for Windows and macOS
  • chicago - The Chicago widget set is an alternate design language for Flutter designed for desktop (keyboard and mouse) form factors. It is based on Apache Pivot.
  • clipboard_watcher - This plugin allows Flutter desktop apps to watch clipboard changes.
  • connectivity_plus - Flutter plugin for discovering the state of the network (WiFi & mobile/cellular) connectivity on Android and iOS.
  • contextual_menu - This plugin allows Flutter desktop apps to create native context menus.
  • dart_vlc - Flutter media playback, broadcast, recording & chromecast library. Based on libvlc.
  • dbus - A native Dart implementation of the D-Bus message bus client. This package allows Dart applications to directly access services on the Linux desktop.
  • desktoasts - A plugin to show native toasts on Windows.
  • desktop_context_menu - A plugin that opens a context menu on the cursor position.
  • desktop_drop - A plugin which allows user dragging files to your flutter desktop applications.
  • desktop_webview_window - Show a webview window on your flutter deksktop application.
  • desktop_window - Flutter desktop plugin(macOS/Linux/Windows) to get and change window size.
  • device_info_plus - Flutter plugin providing detailed information about the device (make, model, etc.), and Android or iOS version the app is running on.
  • fluent_ui - Implements Windows UI in Flutter. Based on the official documentation (Live Preview)
  • flutter95 - Windows95 UI components for Flutter apps. Bring back the nostalgic look and feel of old operating systems with this set of UI components ready to use.
  • flutter_acrylic - Window acrylic, mica & transparency effects for Flutter on Windows, macOS & Linux.
  • flutter_js - A Javascript engine to use with flutter. It uses Quickjs on Android and JavascriptCore on IOS
  • flutter_media_metadata - A Flutter plugin to read metadata of media files.
  • flutter_platform_alert - A plugin helps to call native API to play alert sound and show alert dialogs. For example, it bridges MessageBox and TaskDialogIndirect on Windows.
  • flutter_window_close - Let your Flutter app has a chance to confirm if the user wants to close your app.
  • global_shortcuts - A macOS plugin which can register a callback for a global keyboard shortcut.
  • gtk - MOVED TO
  • hotkey_manager - This plugin allows Flutter desktop apps to defines system/inapp wide hotkey (i.e. shortcut).
  • just_audio - A feature-rich audio player for Flutter. Loop, clip and concatenate any sound from any source (asset/file/URL/stream) in a variety of audio formats with gapless playback.
  • just_audio_libwinmedia - Libwinmedia implementation of just_audio. This implementation is endorsed and therefore doesn't require a direct dependency.
  • keypress_simulator - This plugin allows Flutter desktop apps to simulate key presses.
  • launch_at_login - A new flutter plugin project.
  • launch_at_startup - This plugin allows Flutter desktop apps to Auto launch on startup / login.
  • libwinmedia - A cross-platform media playback library for C/C++ & Flutter with good number of features.
  • local_notifier - This plugin allows Flutter desktop apps to displaying local notifications.
  • macos_ui - Flutter widgets and themes implementing the current macOS design language. (Live Preview)
  • msix - A command-line tool that create Msix installer from your flutter windows-build files.
  • native_context_menu - Provides a native context menu for flutter applications. Most useful on desktop.
  • nativeshell - NativeShell Dart API. Used to interact with NativeShell platform code.
  • network_info_plus - Flutter plugin for discovering information (e.g. WiFi details) of the network.
  • nsd - A Flutter plugin for network service discovery and registration (aka NSD / DNS-SD / Bonjour / mDNS).
  • nsd - A Flutter plugin for network service discovery and registration (aka NSD / DNS-SD / Bonjour / mDNS).
  • package_info_plus - Flutter plugin for querying information about the application package, such as CFBundleVersion on iOS or versionCode on Android.
  • pasteboard - A flutter plugin which could read image,files from clipboard and write files to clipboard.
  • platform_device_id - You can get device id from platform - linux/mac/windows/android/ios/web.
  • protocol_handler - This plugin allows Flutter apps to register and handle custom protocols (i.e. deep linking).
  • protocol_registry - Register/query/remove URI Schemes without hassle. Available for Windows and Linux.
  • quick_blue - A cross-platform BluetoothLE plugin for Flutter.
  • quick_breakpad - A cross-platform flutter plugin for C/C++/ObjC crash report via Google Breakpad
  • quick_notify - A cross-platform (Android/iOS/Web/Windows/macOS/Linux) notification plugin for Flutter.
  • quick_scanner - A new flutter plugin project.
  • quick_usb - A cross-platform (Android/Windows/macOS/Linux) USB plugin for Flutter
  • record - Audio recorder from microphone to a given file path with multiple codecs, bit rate and sampling rate options.
  • screen_capturer - This plugin allows Flutter desktop apps to capture screenshots.
  • screen_retriever - This plugin allows Flutter desktop apps to Retrieve information about screen size, displays, cursor position, etc.
  • screen_text_extractor - This plugin allows Flutter desktop apps to extract text from screen.
  • share_plus - Flutter plugin for sharing content via the platform share UI, using the ACTION_SEND intent on Android and UIActivityViewController on iOS.
  • squirrel - Create installable desktop apps
  • stockholm - A collection of desktop-first widgets and themes designed to look and feel great on Mac and Windows. (Live Preview)
  • system_tray - system_tray that makes it easy to customize tray and work with your Flutter desktop app.
  • tray_manager - This plugin allows Flutter desktop apps to defines system tray.
  • win32 - A Dart library for accessing common Win32 APIs using FFI. No C required!
  • win_ble - WinBle Plugin to use Bluetooth Low Energy in Flutter Windows Desktop
  • win_toast - a plugin help flutter app show toast on windows platform.
  • window_decorations - Deprecated, use
  • window_manager - This plugin allows Flutter desktop apps to resizing and repositioning the window.
  • windows_ocr - A new flutter plugin project.
  • windows_taskbar - Flutter plugin serving utilities related to Windows taskbar.
  • yaru - Ubuntu Yaru Style - Distinct look and feel of the Ubuntu Desktop


  • AirController - A new handy and powerful Android phone assistant, powered by Flutter.
  • Amphitheatre Desktop - Open source Flutter-based GUI application that enables you to interact with Amphitheatre
  • AppImage Pool - A simple, modern AppImageHub Client, powered by flutter.
  • AuthPass - AuthPass - Password Manager based on Flutter for all platforms. Keepass 2.x (kdbx 3.x) compatible.
  • Biyi (比译) - Biyi (比译) is a convenient translation and dictionary app written in Flutter.
  • BlueBubbles - A cross-platform app ecosystem, bringing iMessage to Android, PC (Windows, Linux, & even macOS), and Web!
  • Cash Balancer - It is too hard to balance money across different assets and accounts. (Live Preview)
  • Color Studio - It is too hard to build coherent and accessible themes with the right colors. This should help. (Live Preview)
  • Drip - A Youtube Music client for Desktop. (in Development)
  • Flokk - A fresh and modern Google Contacts manager that integrates with GitHub and Twitter. (Live Preview)
  • FluTube - Watch and download videos without ads
  • Flutter Folio - A platform adaptive Flutter app for desktop, mobile and web.
  • Flutter Installer - Flutter Installer is an installer for Flutter built with Flutter ??✌
  • Harmonoid - ? Plays & manages your music library. Looks beautiful & juicy. Time-synced lyrics, playlists & visuals. YouTube Music.
  • Invoice Ninja - Invoice Ninja client built with Flutter (Live Preview)
  • Leaflet - POSP official notes app, soon to be included
  • Odin - Open-source, cross-platform, hassle-free file sharing with AES-256 encryption made with Flutter & Dart.
  • Pangolin Desktop - Pangolin Desktop UI shell, designed for dahliaOS, written in Flutter. (Live Preview)
  • Sharik - Sharik is an open-source, cross-platform solution for sharing files via Wi-Fi or Mobile Hotspot
  • Spotube - A lightweight free Spotify ? crossplatform-client ?? which handles playback manually, streams music using Youtube & no Spotify premium account is needed ?
  • StreamKit Chat Reader - Reads your Twitch chat, with automatic language detection!
  • Ubuntu Desktop Installer -
  • Yukino - ❄️ [WIP] An extension based Anime & Manga client.
  • appflowy - AppFlowy is an open-source alternative to Notion. You are in charge of your data and customizations. Built with Flutter and Rust.
  • jellyflut - Just a jellyfin client made in flutter (side project quality code)
  • lumi - Philips Hue app to control lights and sensors
  • quickgui -
  • wsa_pacman - A GUI package manager and package installer for Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA)
  • awesome-flutter - An awesome list that curates the best Flutter libraries, tools, tutorials, articles and more.
  • awesome-flutter-linux - A curated list of awesome Linux-specific Flutter packages and projects.



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