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⚡ A curated list of awesome resources related to the Capacitor Platform.
Capacitor is an open-source native runtime for building Web Native apps. Create cross-platform iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.


Official plugins

Official plugins for Capacitor and maintained by ionic are listed here.

  • Action Sheet - Provides access to native Action Sheets.
  • App - Handles high-level App state and events.
  • App Launcher - Allows to check if an app can be opened and open it.
  • Browser - Provides the ability to open an in-app browser and subscribe to browser events.
  • Camera - Provides the ability to take a photo with the camera or choose an existing one from the photo album.
  • Clipboard - Enables copy and pasting to/from the system clipboard.
  • Device - Exposes internal information about the device, such as the model and operating system version, along with user information such as unique IDs.
  • Dialog - Provides methods for triggering native dialog windows for alerts, confirmations, and input prompts.
  • File system - Provides a NodeJS-like API for working with files on the device.
  • Geolocation - Provides simple methods for getting and tracking the current position of the device using GPS, along with altitude, heading, and speed information if available.
  • Haptics - Provides physical feedback to the user through touch or vibration.
  • Keyboard - Provides keyboard display and visibility control, along with event tracking when the keyboard shows and hides.
  • Local Notifications - Provides a way to schedule device notifications locally (i.e. without a server sending push notifications).
  • Motion - Tracks accelerometer and device orientation (compass heading, etc.).
  • Network - Provides network and connectivity information.
  • Preferences - Provides a simple key/value persistent store for lightweight data, ex Storage.
  • Push Notifications - Provides access to native push notifications.
  • Screen Reader - Provides access to TalkBack/VoiceOver/etc. and provides simple text-to-speech capabilities for visual accessibility.
  • Share - Provides methods for sharing content in any sharing-enabled apps the user may have installed.
  • Splash Screen - Provides methods for showing or hiding a Splash image.
  • Status Bar - Provides methods for configuring the style of the Status Bar, along with showing or hiding it.
  • Text Zoom - Provides the ability to change Web View text size for visual accessibility.
  • Toast - Provides a native notification pop up for displaying important information to a user.

Community plugins

Community plugins owned by Capacitor organisation and maintained by selected community member are listed here.

  • Admob - A native plugin for AdMob.
  • App-icon - Capacitor community plugin for changing an app's icon.
  • Apple sign in - Capacitor Sign in with Apple.
  • Background geolocation - Receive geolocation updates even while app is backgrounded.
  • Barcode scanner - A fast and efficient QR / barcode scanner for Capacitor.
  • Bluetooth-le - Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • Camera preview - Camera preview.
  • Googlemaps - Plugin using native Maps API for Android and iOS.
  • Contacts - Contacts Plugin for Capacitor.
  • Date picker - Native DateTime Picker Plugin for Capacitor Apps.
  • Electron - Support for the Electron platform.
  • Facebook Login - A native plugin for Facebook Login.
  • Firebase
    • Analytics - A native plugin for Firebase analytics.
    • Crashlytics - Firebase Crashlytics.
    • Fcm - Enable Firebase Cloud Messaging features for Capacitor apps.
    • Remote config - A native plugin for Firebase remote config.
  • Flipper - A native plugin for flipper debugger.
  • Http - A native HTTP plugin for CORS-free requests and file transfers.
  • Intercom - Enable Intercom features for Capacitor apps.
  • Keep awake - Prevent your screen from getting some sleep.
  • Media - Enable some media features for Capacitor such as create albums, save videos, gifs and more.
  • Microsoft
  • Native audio - A native plugin for native audio engine.
  • Native market - A native market plugin for linking to google play or app store.
  • Photoviewer - PhotoViewer table images with full-screen and sharing capabilities.
  • Privacy screen - Protects your app from displaying a screenshot in recents screen/App Switcher.
  • React hooks - React Hooks for Capacitor apps.
  • Realm - A native plugin for MongoDB Realm.
  • Screen brightness - Control screen brightness on iOS and android.
  • Speech recognition - A native plugin for speech recognition.
  • Sqlite - Native & electron SQLite databases.
  • Stripe - Stripe SDK bindings for Capacitor Applications.
  • Tauri - Support for the Tauri platform.
  • Text to speech - Synthesizing speech from text.
  • Twitter - Enable TwitterKit features for Capacitor.
  • Uxcam - UXCam and FullStory analytics. It uses UXCam for Android and iOS platforms and FullStory for Web/PWA.

Other plugins

Independents plugins are listed here.

  • OTA Updater - Over the air update for capacitor app.
  • Apple Pay - Get Apple Pay payments in your app
  • App Tracking Transparency - Request user authorization to access app-related data for tracking the user or the device. iOS only.
  • Background tasks - A native plugin for running background tasks.
  • Badge - Access and update the badge number of the app icon.
  • Brother Print - A native Brother Print SDK implementation for iOS & Android.
  • Biometric - Use biometrics confirm device owner presence or authenticate users.
  • Crisp - Crisp chat SDK for your app.
  • Dark mode - Monitor the changes made to system's dark mode.
  • Data Storage SQlite - Providing a key-value permanent store for simple data of type string only to SQLite on IOS, Android and Electron platforms and to IndexedDB for the Web platform.
  • Document Scanner - Scan documents (notes, homework, business cards, receipts, or anything with a rectangular shape).
  • Dynamsoft Barcode Reader - Scan barcodes and QR codes using Dynamsoft Barcode Reader.
  • Email composer - Open a native E-Mail Composer within your Capacitor App.
  • Facebook Analytics - Facebook Analytics Plugin for Capacitor.
  • Flash - Switch the Flashlight / Torch of your device.
  • Firebase
    • Analytics - Firebase plugins for Capacitor. Supports Android, iOS and the web.
    • App - Capacitor plugin for Firebase App.
    • Auth - Handle the authentication on Native layer and propagate the token to the web view layer.
    • Performance - Capacitor plugin for Firebase Performance Monitoring.
    • Crashlytics - Capacitor plugin for Firebase Crashlytics.
    • AppCheck - Allows usage of native AppCheck tokens.
    • Dynamic Links - Firebase Dynamic Links.
    • Push - This Plugin it used for Firebase Push Messages. It support Data.
  • File selector - Select files form Android/iOS devices and the web.
  • Google
    • Auth - Google auth plugin for Capacitor.
    • Fit - Retrieve data from Google Fit.
    • MlKit Language - Identify the language of a string of text.
    • MlKit Vision - Detect faces in an image, identify key facial features, and get the contours of detected faces.
  • Healthkit - Retrieve data from HealthKit.
  • Intent - Supports multiple broadcast receiving of intents, and sending out BroadcastIntents in Android.
  • Jitsi - Make video calls through the free, open-sourced Jitsi video platform.
  • Lightsensor - Get the illuminance level on the device.
  • Mute - Detect silent mode and mute audio.
  • Native Geocoder - Native forward and reverse geocoding.
  • Native settings - Open native settings screens.
  • NativeScript
  • Navigation bar - Navigation Bar manipulation, hide/show.
  • Oauth2 - Generic OAuth 2 client plugin. It let you configure the OAuth parameters yourself instead of using SDKs.
  • Playlist - Native support for audio playlists, background support, and lock screen controls.
  • Print - Print the WebView.
  • Rate app - Let users rate your app using native rate app dialog for both Android and iOS.
  • Read sms - Read the user's SMS with their permission.
  • Screen orientation - Lock/unlock the screen orientation.
  • Screenshot - Take a screenshot of the current view.
  • Screen recorder - Record screen and save to pelicule.
  • Send intent - Expose a listener in your JavaScript application for when another application sends data to your Capacitor application via the Android share menu or share sheet.
  • Sentry - Add Sentry error tracking and performance monitoring for Capacitor apps.
  • Stripe terminal - Stripe Terminal Plugin for Capacitor.
  • Sprig - All-in-one  product research platform.
  • Square Payments - Enable Square Payments for Capacitor.
  • Sumup - SumUp Mobile SDK.
  • UDP - Support both IPv6 and IPv4, multicast and broadcast.
  • Video player - Play a video full-screen on IOS, Android, Web and Electron platforms.
  • Zalo login - Zalo login plugin for Capacitor.
  • Purchases - Capacitor in-app purchases and subscriptions made easy with RevenueCat.
  • Android dark mode - Capacitor plugin to support dark mode on Android.
  • Native updates - Capacitor plugin that assists with app updates.
  • File picker - Capacitor plugin that allows the user to select a file.
  • Managed configuratio - Capacitor plugin to access managed configuration settings.
  • Photo editor - Capacitor plugin that allows the user to edit a photo.
  • Photo library - Get all the images from system album.
  • In app Browser - Browser In app browser with urlChangeEvent.
  • Native geocoder - Native forward and reverse geocoding.


  • Docgen - Docs Readme Markdown and JSON Generator for Capacitor Plugins.
  • Plugin generator - Create a new Capacitor plugin.
  • Assets - Local Capacitor icon/splash screen resource generation tool.


Places to learn about Capacitor

Offical guides

Crash Courses

Community Tutorials


Case study

  • Burger King - How Burger King Brought Their Design System to Mobile.
  • Capacitor vs Cordova - This guide provides an overview of Capacitor and how it stacks up against Cordova.
  • Native React Apps Without React Native - React Native is not a web environment, so it's not possible for teams to take their web-based React to deploy native apps, with Capacitor they can.

Demo apps


Places to discuss about Capacitor

  • Discord - Official Discord community.
  • Forum - Official Forum community.
  • Reddit - Official Reddit community.
  • Stack Overflow - Official Stack Overflow community.
  • Proposal - Official repo for plugin and platform requests.


Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines - first.

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