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Reboot and full rewrite of Calclavia's Atomic Science mod

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Reboot and full rewrite of Calclavia's Atomic Science mod


Atomic science is a mod focused on building and using reactors in the game Minecraft.


Fission Reactor

Fussion Reactor


Thermal System

Radiation System

Radioactive Material System


Why the rewrite?

The old code was a mess, very outdated, and depended on dead libraries. No matter what the code base was going to need an overhaul and major rework. So thought was give "why not just rewrite it from the ground up?". This solves a lot of problems with the old code. Start first with clearing out the mess and outdated segements. Then removes the problem of copyright used by the old mod. For all purposes this is a new mod that looks and feels like the old one.

What was Atomic Science?

In short it was a reactor mod created by calclavia and maintained by the Universal Electricity team. It had a mixed popularity due to being a good mod but only created to feed ICBM. This left it in a tricky situtation as it was not maintained well. However, it did offer enough content for people to enjoy.

The mod itself featured roughly the same content with some minor differences. Some of the large differences are how the logic worked and some interaction. The old mod used a lot of real time updates and scanning of the world. The new mod is very passive and rarely runs logic on the world. As well a lot of the machines have been overhauled and reworked in the new version. This includes expanded recipes introducing waste recovery mechanics. As well simplified logic in the reactors to encourage creative building.


  • Calclavia - former author
  • Morton - assets
  • Sakur42 - assets
  • Graugger - assets
  • Dmod - buildscripts
  • Tgame14 - code
  • Everyone else - will fill in list as I go
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