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A React component that works like a preview of other components. An excellent tool to show how your component works and looks with. Easy to install and configure, you can have a router in your project with Atellier and can interact with any component.

Imagine a universe in which you may have tools (components) tested in real time! This is amazing!

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npm install -g react-atellier


Import Atellier

For releases: > v0.1.0 (NEWER)

import ReactAtellier from 'react-atellier';

For releases: <= v0.0.14

var ReactAtellier = require('react-atellier')( React );

Import your component

import myComponent from 'myComponent';

const componentList = [{
  componentName : myComponent.displayName,
  component : myComponent

OR your component library

import myComponents from 'myComponent';

const componentList = (comp)=> {
    return {
      componentName : comp.displayName,
      component : comp

pass your components to Atellier over components prop.

var AtellierWrapper = React.createClass({
  render: function() {
    return (
      <ReactAtellier components={componentList} />

and then you need to render the Atellier somewhere in your application.

  <Router history={browserHistory}>
    <Route path="/" component={App}>
      <Route path="atellier" component={AtellierWrapper}/>
), document.body)


  • Atellier CLI (wip)
  • Import components and live update
  • Move components in stage




Come with us to make an awesome Atellier tool to run components in live ambient.

Now, if you do not have technical knowledge and also have intend to help us, do not feel shy, click here to open an issue and collaborate their ideas, the contribution may be a criticism or a compliment (why not?)

We have some conventions to contribute to the Atellier project, see more information in our So please, read this before send to us a pull requests.

Want help?


React Atellier is released under the MIT license.

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