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A C99 Cross Platform 2D Game Library

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Astera is a 2D game library written in C99 focused on portability.


- Deferred & Forward Rendering
- Collision Detection + Resolution
- 3D Audio + basic Audio Effects & Filters
- Asset Management
- UI System
- Input System

Target Platforms

Here are the target platforms for this library:

- Windows
- Linux
- Mac OSX 

NOTE: I'm always open to adding more target platforms!


Astera and it's dependencies are built using CMake. You can run your own CMake command or try using one of the automated build scripts (they're located in the tools/ folder).

Usage && build_win.bat [-hrcxqq]
-h  Show this info
-r  Build release (optimizations, -O2)
-c  Build clean (remove previous build generated by this script)
-x  Don't build examples
-q  Quiet output
-qq Silence all output
Windows Only:
-m  Force use MinGW (gcc/g++)
-l  Force use LLVM (clang/clang++)

Example script usage (generate a release candidate):

./ -r

Example CMake usage:

cmake -Bbuild -S. 
cmake --build build

NOTE: Once the build files are generated (first line) you only have to call cmake --build build to rebuild the source.

For more information see the relevant wiki page.

Special Thanks

Isabella Muerte for being a patient friend and helping create the build system.
Sharlock93 for helping diagnose issues.
Dan Bechard for helping test on Windows.

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