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6 axis stepper motor robot and control software - Gen2

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6 axis stepper motor robot and control software

The AR2 is a small desktop robot that is modeled similar to an industrial 6 axis robot. This is a DIY project that can be built from 3D printed components or from machined aluminum components, uses low cost stepper motors and arduino controller.

This project includes:

  • Bill of materials and instructions
  • CAD files to 3D print components to build the robot
  • Arduino sketch for stepper driver control
  • Software to program and operate robot
  • Kinematic model

All geared stepper motors and drivers are available from and all other misc. hardware are off-the-shelf items available from multiple sources (see the bill of materials info within each manual).

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Startup & Calibration: Calibration Video

Programming: Programming Video

How the math works: Kinematic Videos

Please review all of the videos on programming and calibration, I will try to answer as many emails as I can: [email protected]

Its important to me that this project is free and available to everyone but any donations that can help with all that has gone into it would be hugely appreciated. Thank you very much. Donate

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