AliCharper ElysiumCheat CRACK HACK For Sandstorm Magic Aim Silent Aim Visuals Misc UNDETECTED Save Abandoned

Project README


Download cheat



Passwrod: GoodCheats

How to install?

  • Download the archive

  • Unzip the archive to your desktop ( Password from the archive is GoodCheats )

  • Run the file ( Loader )

  • Launch the game

  • In-game INSERT button


  • Intel & Amd Processor

Anti-cheat status

  • anti-cheat game

  • EAC: Undetected

Game version

  • Latest version for PC [Steam]


  • Silent aim (Aimbot without pointing at players, all bullets will fly right on target)

  • Magic aim (Shooting through walls, bullets flying straight at the target)

  • Visible check (Visibility check for the Aimbot)

  • Show circle (Sight display)

  • Aim key (Bind keys for the Aimbot)

  • Aim FOV (Damage Radius for the Aimbot)

ESP (Suspects, Players (SWAT), Civilians):

  • Names (Name display)

  • Distance (Distance)

  • Skeleton (Players' Skeleton)


  • No recoil (Anti-recoil)

  • Nospread (Anti-scatter)

  • Addmagazine to weapon (Add a magazine with ammunition for weapons)

  • Crosshair (Sight)

  • Player information table (Currently shows only the item in the player's hands)

  • Speedhack

  • Antiaim (Anti-aim)

  • Speedhack

  • Arrest player (Arrest the player)

  • Uncuff (Remove the handcuffs from the player)


  • Save (Save settings)

  • Load (Loading settings)

  • Unload (Complete deactivation of the cheat from the game)





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