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Hash calculator with MD5, SHA1, Base64, htpasswd, whirlpool and crc32 support!

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Hash text for Alfred 2

A simple Alfred 2 hash workflow's.


  • Download the workflow directly or from Packal.
  • Double click the downloaded "Hash.alfredworkflow" file to install. Alfred 2 and Powerpack is required


String-based hashing

  • md5 <string>
  • sha1 <string>
  • sha256 <string>
  • sha512 <string>
  • htpasswd <string>
  • crc32 <string>
  • whirlpool <string>
  • base64_decode <string>
  • base64_encode <string>

Test String

File-based hashing

You can get a hash from a file in 2 ways:

  • Navigate to the file in Alfred box then select the desired algorithm from the File Actions menu:

File Action Menu

  • Select the file in Finder, launch Alfred and type one of the following commands:

    • md5f
    • sha1f
    • sha256f
    • sha512f
    • base64f

Finder Selection

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