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Allows Alexa to play audio from YouTube videos

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This project contains the source code for an unpublished skill that allows users to search and play audio from YouTube as, by default, Amazon Alexa does not support playing audio from YouTube.

After setting this skill up, it's easy to query YouTube for the video of your choice:

Alexa, ask YouTube to search for ...

This skill performs a search, finding the most relevant video that matches the query. It then streams the video (audio only) to your Alexa device for your enjoyment. :)

Additional Information

Setup: The instructions have been moved to this repository's wiki page.

Migration: Version 3.x.x is the latest version and fixes several critical issues present in earlier versions. To migrate to v3, please use this guide on the wiki.

Disclaimer: This skill is not officially supported by YouTube and will never be published on Amazon. It was originally intended as a proof-of-concept, but instructions on setting it up are provided (see above).

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