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My solutions for https://www.codingame.com

(hard) Bender - Episode 3.js : Description

(hard) Bender - Episode 2.js : Description

(hard) CGX Formatter.js : Description

(hard) Genome Sequencing.js : Description

(hard) Roller Coaster.js : Description

(hard) Skynet Revolution - Episode 2.js : Description

(hard) Super Computer.js : Description

(hard) Surface.js : Description

(hard) TAN Network.js : Description

(hard) The Bridge.js : Description

(hard) The Last Crusade - Episode 2.js : Description

(hard) There is no Spoon - Episode 2.js : Description

(medium) Bender - Episode 1.js : Description

(medium) Dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants.js : Description

(medium) Mayan Calculation.js : Description

(medium) Skynet Revolution - Episode 1.js : Description

(medium) The Gift.js : Description

(medium) War - winamax battle.js : Description

(medium) Telephone Numbers.js : Description

(medium) Conway sequence.js : Description

(medium) Shadows of the Knight - Episode 1.js : Description

(medium) Stock Exchange Losses.js : Description

(medium) Scrabble.js : Description

(medium) Mars Lander - Episode 2.js : Description

(medium) the Last Crusade - Episode 1.js : Description

(medium) Don't Panic - Episode 1.js : Description

(medium) There is no Spoon - Episode 1.js : Description

(easy) MIME Type.js : Description

(easy) Temperatures.js : Description

(easy) Mars Lander - Episode 1.js : Description

(easy) Defibrillators.js : Description

(easy) Chuck Norris.js : Description

(easy) ASCII Art.js : Description

(easy) Power of Thor - Episode 1.js : Description

(easy) The Descent.js: Description

(easy) Horse Racing Duals.js : Description

(easy) Onboarding.js : Description

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