Best 202 Ssr Open Source Projects

React Starter Kit

React Starter Kit β€” front-end starter kit using React, Relay, GraphQL, and JAM stack architecture

React Loadable

:hourglass_flowing_sand: A higher order component for loading components with promises.


πŸš€ Ultimate universal starter with lazy-loading, SSR and i18n. [not maintained]

React App

Create React App with server-side code support

Share SSR V2ray

πŸƒ Free SS/SSR/V2ray ε…θ΄Ήεˆ†δΊ«θŠ‚η‚Ήθ΄¦ε·δΏ‘ζ―η½‘η«™


dynamic server-side rendering using headless Chrome to effortlessly solve the SEO problem for modern javascript websites

Next Routes

Universal dynamic routes for Next.js

React I18next

Internationalization for react done right. Using the i18next i18n ecosystem.

Aspnetcore Angular Universal

ASP.NET Core & Angular Universal advanced starter - PWA w/ server-side rendering for SEO, Bootstrap, i18n internationalization, TypeScript, unit testing, WebAPI REST setup, SignalR, Swagger docs, a...

Aspnetcore Vue Starter

*NEW* Core & Vue.js (ES6) SPA Starter kit - Vuex, webpack, Web API, Docker, and more! By @TrilonIO

React Core Boilerplate

Powerful ASP.NET Core 3 templates with React, true server-side rendering and Docker support


Quasar Framework - Build high-performance VueJS user interfaces in record time


πŸ‘• πŸ‘– πŸ“¦ A sample web and mobile application built with Node, Express, React, React Native, Redux and GraphQL. Very basic replica of / (allows users to get monthly subscription...


Beautifully reactive, server-side rendered Svelte apps w/ a Crystal backend


Utility to convert between various subscription format