Best 31 Coding Interviews Open Source Projects

Coding Interview University

A complete computer science study plan to become a software engineer.


Everything you need to know to get the job.

Tech Interview Handbook

💯 Materials to help you rock your next coding interview

SDE Interview Questions

Most comprehensive list :clipboard: of tech interview questions :blue_book: of companies scraped from Geeksforgeeks, CareerCup and Glassdoor.


This repository contains coding interviews that I have encountered in company interviews

LeetCode Sol Res

Clean, Understandable Solutions and Resources for LeetCode Online Judge Algorithm Problems.

Dsa.js Data Structures Algorithms Javascript

🥞Data Structures and Algorithms explained and implemented in JavaScript + eBook


:gem: Cheat sheet to prep for technical interviews.


Collaborative text editor (like Google Docs or CoderPad) with integrated semi-anonymizing voice chat intended to help reduce bias in technical communication.

123 Essential JavaScript Interview Questions

JavaScript interview Questions


Leetcode solutions

CS Notes PDF PDF版本离线阅读

Technical Interview Megarepo

Study materials for SE/CS technical interviews

Algorithms And Coding Interviews

A middle-to-high level algorithm book designed with coding interview at heart!

Coding Interview

😀 代码面试题集,包括剑指 Offer、编程之美等