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Documentation site for Datadog

Welcome to the Datadog documentation repository. The markdown stored in this repo is published to the Datadog documentation site using hugo, a static website generation tool.

Contribute to the docs

Contributions are encouraged! If you notice something on one of the pages that needs an edit, open a pull request in this repo for the documentation team to review

Most pages on the documentation site feature an Edit button that sends you to the source file in this repo. You can make an edit straight from the GitHub website!

The edit button on a docs page

For more information on contributing, see the contribution guidelines.

Working on Docs

Datadog Staff

  • Always branch off of master; never commit directly to master.
  • Name your branch <SLACK_HANDLE>/<FEATURE_NAME>.
  • Consult our contributing guidelines.
  • When you're ready to commit, create a new pull request to master from your branch.
  • Use GitHub's draft pull request feature and appropriate labels such as "Do Not Merge" or "Work in Progress" until your PR is ready to be merged and live on production.
  • If you've named your branch correctly, a GitHub bot posts a link to the docs preview website for your PR. After the preview build completes, you can use the link to preview your changes.
  • To run the build locally, see Docs Build. This is an optional step and requires setup.

Outside Contributors

  • Fork the master branch.
  • Consult our contributing guidelines.
  • When you're ready to finalize your changes, commit them and make a pull request back to DataDog/master.
  • A Datadog technical writer might change your PR title with a DOCS ticket number, such as "[DOCS-9000]," which means it has been added to the team's internal Jira queue to triage and review. No action is necessary from you if we change the title of your PR.

A note about markdown

This site uses Goldmark for markdown, which is compliant with CommonMark 0.29.

If you include ANY Markdown in a file, give it a .md extension.

Make sure all files are lowercase. Macs are case-insensitive when creating links to images and pages, but our build server is not, so tests may work locally, but the site will fail in production.


Within 10 minutes of merging to master, it deploys automatically.

How to add a new integration

See the dedicated doc page.

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