Best 137 Openapi Open Source Projects


The Swagger/OpenAPI toolchain for .NET, ASP.NET Core and TypeScript.


OpenAPI (f.k.a Swagger) Specification code generator. Supports C#, PowerShell, Go, Java, Node.js, TypeScript, Python, Ruby


FastAPI framework, high performance, easy to learn, fast to code, ready for production

Openapi Generator

OpenAPI Generator allows generation of API client libraries (SDK generation), server stubs, documentation and configuration automatically given an OpenAPI Spec (v2, v3)


Language-agnostic HTTP API Testing Tool

Loopback Next

LoopBack makes it easy to build modern API applications that require complex integrations.


Easy OpenAPI specs and Swagger UI for your Flask API

Aliyun Sdk Js

阿里云 SDK for Javascript,支持在浏览器和 Nodejs 环境使用,支持大部分阿里云服务。

Aliyun Sdk Js

阿里云 SDK for Javascript,支持在浏览器和 Nodejs 环境使用,支持大部分阿里云服务。

Compojure Api

Sweet web apis with Compojure & Swagger

Php Crud Api

Single file PHP script that adds a REST API to a SQL database

Drf Yasg

Automated generation of real Swagger/OpenAPI 2.0 schemas from Django REST Framework code.

Openapi Directory

🌐 Wikipedia for Web APIs. Directory of REST API definitions in OpenAPI 2.0/3.0 format

Generator Express No Stress

🚂 A Yeoman generator for Express.js based 12-factor apps and apis

Open Api

A Monorepo of various packages to power OpenAPI in node