Best 72 Google Cloud Open Source Projects


command line management for Google Workspace

Google Auth Library Nodejs

🔑 Google Auth Library for Node.js


ManageIQ Open-Source Management Platform

Magic Modules

Automatically generate Google Cloud Platform support for OSS IaaC Projects

Awesome Kubernetes

A curated list for awesome kubernetes sources :ship::tada:


CLI tool to generate terraform files from existing infrastructure (reverse Terraform). Infrastructure to Code


Minimal and free Kubernetes distribution with Terraform

Cloud Functions Emulator

A local emulator for deploying, running, and debugging Google Cloud Functions.

Ethereum Etl

Python scripts for ETL (extract, transform and load) jobs for Ethereum blocks, transactions, ERC20 / ERC721 tokens, transfers, receipts, logs, contracts, internal transactions. Data is available in...

Teammate Android

A Team Management app for creating tournaments and games for various sports


A Scala API for Apache Beam and Google Cloud Dataflow.

All About Programming

Everything about programming!!

Google Cloud Go

Google Cloud Client Libraries for Go.

Golang Samples

Sample apps and code written for Google Cloud in the Go programming language.

Google Cloud Node

Google Cloud Client Library for Node.js