Best 65 Competitive Programming Open Source Projects

Interactive Coding Challenges

120+ interactive Python coding interview challenges (algorithms and data structures). Includes Anki flashcards.


Minimal examples of data structures and algorithms in Python

Awesome Competitive Programming

:gem: A curated list of awesome Competitive Programming, Algorithm and Data Structure resources


Repository which contains links and resources on different topics of Computer Science.

Project Euler Solutions

Runnable code for solving Project Euler problems in Java, Python, Mathematica, Haskell.

ACM ICPC Preparation

ACM-ICPC Preparation Guide

OI Wiki

:star2: Wiki of OI / ICPC for everyone. (某大型游戏线上攻略,内含炫酷算术魔法)

E Maxx Eng

Translation of into English


Solved algorithms and data structures problems in many languages

DataStructures Algorithms

The best library for implementation of all Data Structures and Algorithms - Trees + Graph Algorithms too!


KTH Algorithm Competition Template Library (... eller KTHs AC-tillverkande lapp)


The repository contains the ENGLISH description files attached to the video series in my ARABIC algorithms channel.

Online Judge Solutions

Solutions to ACM ICPC - style problems


A collection of algorithms, data structures and other useful information for competitive programming.


Leetcode solutions