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Modded AssetStudio for Zenless Zero Zone

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Check out the original AssetStudio project for more information.

This is the release of ZZZStudio, Modded AssetStudio that should work with Zenless Zone Zero.

Some features are:

- Togglable debug console.
- Build Asset List of assets inside game files (use "Option -> Export Options -> AM Format" to change between XML and JSON).
- CLI version (beta).
- Option "Option -> Export Options -> Ignore Controller Animations" to export model/aniamators without including all animations (slow).

How to use:

1. Build ZZZ Map (Misc. -> Build ZZZMap).
2. Load bundle files.

CLI Version:

AssetStudioCLI 0.16.55
Copyright (C) 2022 AssetStudioCLI

  -v, --verbose           Show log messages.

  -t, --type              Specify unity type(s).

  -f, --filter            Specify regex filter(s).

  --help                  Display this help screen.

  --version               Display version information.

  input_path (pos. 0)     Required. Input file/folder.

  output_path (pos. 1)    Required. Output folder.

NOTE: in case of any MeshRenderer/SkinnedMeshRenderer errors, make sure to enable Disable Renderer option in Export Options before loading assets.

Looking forward for feedback for issues/bugs to fix and update.

Special Thank to:

  • Perfare: Original author.
  • Ds5678: AssetRipper[discord at #genshin channel] for information about Asset Formats & Parsing.
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