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zlib(libgen) searcher

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1. Download the pre-compiled binary from Release.

Or you can compile by yourself.

2. Download the index file that has been created.

We will give the corresponding index download links for each version in the release page.

Or you can make your own via bin/index.rs.

Extract the index folder to the same level as the program, it should look like the following:

├── index
│   ├── some index files...
│   └── meta.json
└── zlib-searcher

3. Run zlib-searcher, it will listen to

Access to use webui, or you can use the original api.

original search api

You can search by the following fields:

  • title
  • author
  • publisher
  • extension
  • language
  • isbn
  • zlib_id


  •机器学习 extension:azw3 publisher:清华

Raw data

We downloaded libgen sql and zlib sql and exported the necessary data from them.

id, title, author, publisher, extension, filesize, language, year, pages, isbn, ipfs_cid

This raw data is used to generate our index, you can download the raw data from here:


zlib-searcher © zu1k, Released under the MIT License.

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