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Welcome to zkThon - First Ever edition!

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Welcome to zkThon - First Ever edition!

zkThon is a week-long celebration of the launch of zkEVM with Open-Source for the Polygon Developers. The event is completely community-run by Polygon Advocates, and open to anyone who wants to participate.

The challenges are divided into three phases, ranging from very easy to intermediate difficulty, and participants can choose to contribute to one or all of them.

Hashtags Used

As much as we're excited to see you participate, we also want to amplify this coalescence to the degen world for the one in all zkEVM Launch

Please make a lots of tweets and get the fellow BUIDLers hyped up:

  • #zkEVM
  • #zkThon


Checkout the master notion page for full details: zkThon 2023

First Steps

  • Fork the repository
  • Create a new branch username_zkthon, e.g. PriyathamVarma_zkThon
  • Create solution-1.md, solution-2.md and solution-3.md for respective solutions in the root directory.
  • LFG... Start solving the challenges.
  • Don't forget to look into Notion Page for step by step challenge details.


⚠️ IMPORTANT: In order for a submission to be qualified, you must submit to this zkThon Challenge Submission Form.

Challenge Link Description Prizes
Challenge -1 Start Review the zkEVM Docs and Tweet Your Understanding zkThon pfp
Challenge -2 Start Deploy an ERC20 or ERC721 Token on the zkEVM Testnet Lens handle Allowlist
Challenge -3 Start Use any contract deployed on zkEVM and interact with it. #zkThon T-Shirt

❓ Got Question / Need Help?

Please use the telegram group to better faciliate helping out with the challenges and also helping otheres.

Telegram "zkThon Power Builder" | Twitter "@0xPolyAdvocates"

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