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Golem: a Minecraft Beta proxy and bot


Golem is a transparent proxy and bot for Minecraft Beta Survival Multiplayer. It is a tool, not a weapon, so be nice.


  • ruby 1.9, only tested on 1.9.2
  • bundler

Install & Usage


git clone
cd golem
bundle install
bin/golem --help

Proxy mode:

bin/golem [servername [port [listen port]]]


bin/golem bot [servername [port]]



Alas, the beta update has disabled a great deal of golem's functionality. The ability to drop any arbitrary block/item appears impossible, as does infinite health hacks. Auto-digging and building are not currently possible without heavy modification.

In order to get building and digging to work again, golem will need to be able to manage inventory and slots (simulating the client's window clicks) and keep track of tools and their status.

Additional behaviors for better automation would include:

  • set waypoints for lava (obsidian mines), chests for storage, forges, and crafting tables
  • craft new tools and items
  • mine resources including ores and lava/obsidian
  • smelt cobble, ore, and sand
  • auto-combat with sword/arrows for self-defense
  • heal oneself, keeping food available always
  • lava/water avoidance and self-rescue (water bucket)
  • use expensive tools only when needed (diamond pick)
  • harvest and plant wheat
  • harvest and replant trees for wood


Golem functions as a completely transparent pass-through proxy for the standard alpha Minecraft client. This allows SMP play as usual, but with a few extra capabilities.

A few of the client commands (type via say):

  • /time <noon|midnight|dawn|sunset|<integer>> overrides the server time
  • /gps or /where lists your current coordinates in the world. Handy for connecting tunnels and placing things accurately (F3 does this too)
  • /[no]fastdig allows fast digging, one click block breaking. Careful with this as it spams "I am digging" packets. (broken in beta)

In addition, golem provides its own console for typing in more complex commands.

  • pos lists the current position in the world (F3 provides the look position)
  • d[ebug] <off|all|a regular expression> dumps packet debugs to the console
  • fly <x y z> is a poor man's teleport. Requires view of the sky! This uses a position override hack to attempt to preserve health when falling, but may not succeed. Never teleport to y of 127, always know your destination altitude!
  • chunks lists the number of chunks loaded so far
  • come <player name> will walk at a reasonable pace to the given player, if a short enough path exists
  • follow <player name> will follow the given player as long as a path exists
  • survey <blueprint> [x y z] lists out the changes required to build the given blueprint, centered at the current location or the given x, y, z
  • build <blueprint> [x y z] builds the given blueprint at the current location or centered at x, y, z. This includes automatic digging, cleanup, and placement. (does not work in beta)
  • nearest <blocktype> lists the nearest 5 blocks of the given type. Try nearest diamond_ore, and see lib/golem/blocks.rb for a list of the block types
  • various others, useful mainly for debugging

As falling damage is calculated server-side, golem is mostly incapable of preventing harm due to downward motion. Don't fall too far and all will be well. Also, wear armor and know your destination altitude when flying.


Golem can function as a standalone bot, capable of connecting to a server on its own. This is intended for debugging rather than full-time use.


golem can build predefined structures, centered at its current coordinates or a specified center. Blueprints are specified as a .yml file accompanied by one or more .png files describing the layers for the given blueprint.

Blueprint PNGs describe individual layers of something to build or clear. The color code is:

  • transparent: don't care, leave it be
  • white: smooth stone
  • black: air (torches are ignored)
  • grey: cobble
  • orange: lava
  • purple: obsidian
  • cyan: glass

For actual RGB values consult lib/golem/blueprint.rb.

Blueprint coordinates are in image-local coordinate system, which is:

  • image is (x, y)
  • 0, 0 is top left
  • x increases to the right, y increases downward
  • z refers to the layer listed in the yml, 0 at the bottom and increasing upward vertically
  • Screen-upward is used as north when converting to minecraft map coordinates

The center of a blueprint is defined as a point in image/layer coordinates, which is converted and used based on the (x, y, z) minecraft coordinate or the current player position when starting a build.

See blueprints/ for examples.


Use the force, read the source.


Fork, patch, and send a pull request.

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