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Goof (Go Object Finder) is a package that does the unthinkable to your binary

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Goof lets you call functions in your binary with just the string of their name. How?

var troop goof.Troop
out, err := troop.Call("fmt.Fprintf", os.Stdout, "hello %s", []interface{}{"world"})
if err != nil { // some error calling the function
	return err
n, err := out[0].(int), out[1].(error)
if err != nil {
	return err
fmt.Printf("wrote %d bytes\n", n)

Caveat: you have to have called fmt.Fprintf elsewhere in your binary.

Goof lets you get access to globals in your binary with just the string of their name. How?

var troop goof.Troop
rv, err := troop.Global("net/http.DefaultServeMux")
if err != nil { // couldn't find it
	return err
// rv contains an addressable reflect.Value of the default ServeMux!

Caveat: the global must be used elsewhere in the binary somehow.

Goof lets you get access to all of the reflect.Types in your binary. How?

var troop goof.Troop
types, err := troop.Types()
if err != nil { // something went wrong getting them
	return err
for _, typ := range types {

Caveat: the types must be possible outputs to reflect.TypeOf(val) in your binary.


You should probably just make a single Troop in your binary and use that everywhere since it does a lot of caching and work on first use.


It loads up the dwarf information of any binary it's loaded in and then does a bunch of unsafe tom foolery to perform these dirty deeds. How unsafe is it?

  • Reusing needles unsafe.
  • Jumping into a shark tank with a steak swimming suit unsafe.
  • Carnival ride unsafe.
  • Driving on the wrong side of the highway blindfolded unsafe.

Should I use this?

Do you really have to ask? OF COURSE! If you do, please let me know what terrible idea this enabled. I'm very interested.


"I can't wait to get some goof in my manhole!" - @jtolds

"README is hilarious :joy:"

"Now I just need to come up with something horrendously risky to use this for..."

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