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ZBJCalendar is a simple calendar framework for iOS.

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ZBJCalendar is a simple way to create a calendar view. The concept of ZBJCalendar is UICollectionView or UITableView.

As we know, UICollectionView and UITableView set up the corresponding relations between cell and indexPath. Differently, ZBJCalendar set up the corresponding relations between cell and date, this is important to understand ZBJCalendar.


  • iOS7 or later

Installation with CocoaPods

pod 'ZBJCalendar'

Installation with Carthage

github "wanggang316/ZBJCalendar"



This is the main class of ZBJCalendar, an instance of this is a calendar view.

You can find some familiar properties and new properties:

  • dataSource is <ZBJCalendarDataSource> protocol property which used to custom cells or headers
  • delegate is <ZBJCalendarDelegate> protocol property which used to handle the display and behaviour of the day cells.
  • firstDate and lastDate use to set the calendar's start date and end date.
  • selectionMode is a enum of ZBJSelectionMode which express the single selection or mutable selection or can't be select.

Also, it contains some familiar methods like:

  • - (void)registerCellClass:(id)clazz withReuseIdentifier:(NSString *)identifier;
  • - (void)reloadData;
  • - (id)cellAtDate:(NSDate *)date;
  • - (void)reloadCellsAtDates:(NSSet<NSDate *> *)dates;


A protocol to custom the cell data model object. It supplies the cell and supplementary view's information about appearance and data.

  • - (void)calendarView:(ZBJCalendarView *)calendarView configureCell:(id)cell forDate:(NSDate *)date;
  • - (void)calendarView:(ZBJCalendarView *)calendarView configureSectionHeaderView:(id)headerView firstDateOfMonth:(NSDate *)firstDateOfMonth;
  • - (void)calendarView:(ZBJCalendarView *)calendarView configureSectionFooterView:(id)headerView lastDateOfMonth:(NSDate *)lastDateOfMonth;
  • - (void)calendarView:(ZBJCalendarView *)calendarView configureWeekDayLabel:(UILabel *)dayLabel atWeekDay:(NSInteger)weekDay;


A protocol use to handle the display and behaviour of ZBJCalendar.

  • - (BOOL)calendarView:(ZBJCalendarView *)calendarView shouldSelectDate:(NSDate *)date;
  • - (void)calendarView:(ZBJCalendarView *)calendarView didSelectDate:(NSDate *)date ofCell:(id)cell;


ZBJCalendar provider a week view by this class, you can change it's style by implement <ZBJCalendarDataSource>


This category provide utility methods for NSDate.


This category provide methods used to corresponding relations between indexpath and date.




ZBJCalendar is released under the MIT license.

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