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Yzis is a vi/vim engine that is easy to integrate in any graphical application.

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Yzis is a vi-compatible editor that is composed of a generic vi engine and independent GUI. It is developed in C++ and relies on QtCore for the some of the background classes (lists and strings mainly). A KDE, Qt and ncurses gui are available. More frontends are welcome. I would be happy to see a Gtk, MFC, WxWidgets and XUL frontend added to the source tree.


For more details about requirements and build instructions, see: http://www.yzis.org/Build_Yzis


Yzis uses the CMake system to compile and install itself, just like KDE.

See the wiki documentation for help on building Yzis: http://www.yzis.org/Build_Yzis

Planning and project status:

We try to maintain the current state of the project and a planning on the wiki: http://www.yzis.org/


Most of the documentation is stored on the wiki: http://www.yzis.org . Build instructions, project status, ... . And if you are missing something, the magic of wiki allows you to add it yourself.

The documentation for developers, including design drafts and API documentation, is available from http://www.yzis.org/Developer_Documentation

You can report bug on our bugzilla: http://labs.freehackers.org/projects/yzis/issues

You can help:

See: http://www.yzis.org/TODO


libyzis is published under LGPL. See COPYING.LGPL for more details.
qyzis, kyzis and nyzis are published under GPL. See COPYING for more details.

Talk with us:

We are hanging on the freenode network, channel #yzis . You can also use our mailing lists. More info on: http://www.yzis.org/Mailing_lists


Yzis came out of the frustration of working on kvim. For more details, see: http://www.yzis.org/History

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