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Using OpenAI's Whisper to automatically generate YouTube subtitles

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Automatic YouTube subtitle generation

This repository uses youtube-dl and OpenAI's Whisper to generate subtitle files for any youtube video.


To get started, you'll need Python 3.7 or newer. Install the binary by running the following command:

pip install git+

You'll also need to install ffmpeg, which is available from most package managers:

# on Ubuntu or Debian
sudo apt update && sudo apt install ffmpeg

# on MacOS using Homebrew (
brew install ffmpeg

# on Windows using Chocolatey (
choco install ffmpeg


The following command will generate a VTT file from the specified YouTube video

yt_whisper ""

The default setting (which selects the small model) works well for transcribing English. You can optionally use a bigger model for better results (especially with other languages). The available models are tiny, tiny.en, base, base.en, small, small.en, medium, medium.en, large.

yt_whisper "" --model medium

Adding --task translate will translate the subtitles into English:

yt_whisper "" --task translate

Run the following to view all available options:

yt_whisper --help


This script is open-source and licensed under the MIT License. For more details, check the LICENSE file.

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