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A youtube-dl download manager for Emacs

This package manages a video download queue for youtube-dl, which serves as the back end. It manages a single youtube-dl subprocess, downloading one video at a time. New videos can be queued at any time.

The youtube-dl command queues a single URL for download. Failures are retried up to youtube-dl-max-failures. Items can be paused or set to download at a slower rate (youtube-dl-slow-rate).

The youtube-dl-playlist command queues an entire playlist, just as if you had individually queued each video on the playlist.

The youtube-dl-list command displays a list of all active video downloads. From this list, items under point can be canceled (d), paused (p), slowed (s), and have its priority adjusted ([ and ]).


While youtube-dl supports a large number of video sites, this package only supports YouTube videos. This keeps things simple, and YouTube is really the only video hosting site with enough content worthy of using a video download manager.

To display the size and progress, this package relies on a specific output format from youtube-dl. Using an external downloader (--external-downloader) breaks this, as can mucking around too much with the command line switches (youtube-dl-arguments).

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