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Can you make an High Quality Gif from A to Z only by coding? Yes. Do you want to, though?

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Could you make a High Quality Gif (like what you find on from A to Z only by coding?

Do you want to, though?

If yes, then make sure that you have:

  • youtube-dl
  • ffmpeg
  • Python 3, including PIL and numpy
  • Linux, because ffmpeg command lines are most likely different on other OS

Then you can just run, cross fingers and see what you get.

If all work fine, you are suppose to find that gif:
Or if you changed 'lang' to 'fr' in, you will find this one:

Basically, as the gif says:

  • the script download a video from Youtube
  • cut it into interesting scenes
  • create several terminal-like scenes, via The code you see in the terminal is the actual code from the
  • concatenates the scenes from the video and from the terminal
  • create the subtitles via and burn them into the video
  • convert the video into a gif

And voilà.
But honestly, you might prefer to just stick to KDEnlive or your favorite video editor :)

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