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Yandextank has been moved to Python 3.

####Latest stable release for Python 2 here. Yandex.Tank is an extensible open source load testing tool for advanced linux users which is especially good as a part of an automated load testing suite

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Main features

  • different load generators supported:
    • Evgeniy Mamchits' phantom is a very fast (100 000+ RPS) shooter written in C++ (default)
    • JMeter is an extendable and widely known one
    • BFG is a Python-based generator that allows you to write your load scenarios in Python
    • experimental Golang generator: pandora
  • performance analytics backend service: Overload. Store and analyze your test results online
  • several ammo formats supported like plain url list or access.log
  • test autostop plugin: stop your test when the results have became obvious and save time
  • customizable and extendable monitoring that works over SSH


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Chat with authors and other performance specialists: Gitter

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