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Xabber - XMPP client for Android

Open source Jabber (XMPP) client with multi-account support, clean and simple interface. Being both free (as in freedom!) and ad-free, Xabber is designed to be the best Jabber client for Android.

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1. Prepare

Xabber uses Gradle build system. The only specific thing is git submodule for MemorizingTrustManager library. To make it work use following commands:

git submodule sync
git submodule init
git submodule update --remote

And MemorizingTrustManager would be cloned to your local repository.

2. Build

To build Xabber use "open" productFlavour. Another flavour called "store" require api keys that not represented in this repository.

Translations Crowdin

We use crowdin.com as our translation system. All related resources are automatically generated from files got with crowdin.com. If you want to update any translation go to Xabber page https://crowdin.com/project/xabber and request to join our translation team Please don't create pull requests with translation fixes as any changes will be overwritten with the next update from crowdin.com.

If you want to support Xabber development you can buy Xabber VIP (it is the same as regular stable version of Xabber except for gold coin on logo) or send payment via Paypal or Bitcoin 1ACa9FW2ajhphivEaWqn2z7Z7nJWPBtxAa

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info [at] xabber.com


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