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A web-based flight planning tool for the flight simulator X-Plane.

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X-Plane Flight Planner

This is a web-based flight planning tool for the flight simulator X-Plane. It provides an easy to use interface where you can point and click your routes on a map.

Currently the flight-planner will not work 100% on Internet Explorer. Please consider using another browser.

Screenshot from 06. March 2012

How to install

You will need to install node.js and mongoDB. After that open your console and within the root directory of the flight planner type:

$ npm install -d

This will install all the dependencies using the node.js package manager.

After that you have to start mongoDB by typing the following in the command line:

$ mongo

Then chose the database "x-plane_apt_nav":

$ use x-plane_apt_nav

And finally add a user for the database:

$ db.addUser("username","password")

Next you need to copy the file "local_config.sample.js" and rename the copy to "local_config.js". Open up the "local_config.js" in a text editor and adjust the mongodb user, password and maybe host to your needs.

Now you'll need the lates apt nav data. You can either download it from http://gateway.x-plane.com/NOTAMs (You find the download to the left under Download the data ....) or directly from mcantsin's GitHub repository: https://github.com/mcantsin/x-plane-navdata After downloading it unpack it's contents into the apt_nav folder of the flight planner. Then start the server (See How to start).

How to start

Before you try to start the server be sure to read How to install.

Open your console and within the root directory of the flight planner type:

  node app.js

This will open up a local server listening on port 3000. Now open your browser and open up the URL: http://localhost:3000/flight-planner

If you haven't done so before you now need to import the apt nav data, you've downloaded before. To do so open up: http://localhost:3000/flight-planner/import and then choose wich data to import from the list. You have to import one after another. When importing wait a couple of seconds or maybe minutes depending on the speed of your computer. It now processes the corresponding apt_nav/*.dat file and imports every airport/navaid or fix found within into the mongoDB. When done you'll see a list of all imported data.

To shutdown the server simply hit CTRL-C or on mac Apple-C within the console you've used to start the server.


If you like this tool and want to say thank you to the developer you can donate easily with paypal.

Thank you very much!

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